• Camp Involve: what is your 3rd place?

    Last day of Camp involve at Junges Ensemble Stuttgart. After 4 days of workshops Mikkel Huth talks to the other participants from Junges Ensemble Stuttgart in Germany and Divadlo Drak in Czechia. Camp involve was the first camp in the EU-project 3Place, where we explore third places in performing arts for a young audience.

    By: Mikkel Huth, Iulian Simbotin, Ali Shalhab
    Host: Mikkel Huth
    Film photographer: Iulian Simbotin
    Editing: Mikkel Huth

  • Camp Involve: Stuttgart

    In early May, we all met in Stuttgart at Camp Involve, hosted by JES Stuttgart. Teenagers and partners from all three countries spent three hectic, fun, loving and inspiring days together.

    All of us had only met once before, online, in the first digital workshop.

    The first day we participated in different activities to get to know each other, and what institutions we represented.

    We also learned to make a graffiti piece and DJ, and through that, take up space in the public.

    Day two gave us different workshops in participation, involvement, gamification, how to change the outcome and do things together.

    The teenagers from Stuttgart showed us around town, and we arranged a party together at JES.

  • First digital workshop

    3ᴘʟᴀᴄᴇ involve: “If you think of a place where you like to hang out, what does it have? What makes it special?”

    This was just one of the topics we talked about at our first Digital-Camp hosted by JES Stuttgart! For the first time, the young participants from Norway, the Czech Republic and Germany,met at an online workshop together with the partners. For an evening we started talking about what 3Place means to us, and doing different small activities to get to know each other.