• Internship in 3Place

    Before Easter three students from Kuben vocational School spent a three week internship working with 3Place at Scenekunstbruket and Kloden teater in Norway.

    They study information technology and media production at Kuben videregående skole and during their stay they’ve investigated the topics of third spaces:

    What makes you feel safe, where do you choose to be, what do they miss in the neighborhood around school and what is necessary to create an attractive space for a young audience?

    They’ve interviewed other students, artists working nearby and made a podcast and several small films.

  • Exploring Social Spaces

    Insights from the 3Place Project Workshop at Kloden Theatre, Showbox 2022

    At Showbox 2022, lead partner Scenekunstbrtuket’s festival, we had the first activity to launch the 3Place-project, a workshop with theatre professionals, teens and others interested in the subject.

    The workshop provided a practical look at creating social third places. Drawing in 25 participants from Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Sweden, and Norway, the event aimed to kickstart discussions on the project and its academic foundations.

    The four-hour workshop featured scenographer Hege Pålsrud and director Kjell Moberg, shedding light on the art of crafting social spaces. Reinert Andreas Mitthassel, manager of library Biblo Tøyen, shared insights into creating spaces exclusively for youths aged 10 to 15. Espen Røyseland, the architect behind Kloden Theatre, presented the venue’s design principles, followed by a hands-on activity with the architect model.

    This workshop marked the first public activity for the 3Place project, opening conversations about its goals and the academic theories guiding it. Discussions focused on the challenge of creating spaces where teenagers and children can coexist, especially in the context of theatre and performance creation.

    Attendees explored an artistic approach to fostering a sense of belonging and ownership in one’s community. The workshop introduced an artistic method for placemaking, incorporating activities like playing with avatars and music.

    In summary, the 3Place project workshop at Kloden Theatre offered practical insights into the creation of social spaces in artistic spaces. With a diverse participant base, the event provided a solid foundation for further discussions and collaborative efforts in shaping shared spaces for the future.