• Meet us at Schöne Aussicht

    Every other year our German partner JES Stuttgart hosts their wonderful festival; Schöne Aussicht. With a blend of international and local productions, the festival attracts several international delegates.

    All the partners in the project is here, and during the week we will see shows, participate in talks and meetings.

    The team at JES told us this about the curation process for their international program:

    One and a half years ago, the curation process for the international guest performance programmebegan with an open call. We asked: HOW DO YOU HANDLE UNCERTAINTY? A question that we are constantly confronted with in a rapidly and unpredictably evolving world and that we hope will inspire and empower us – not only in our artistic work, but also in dealing with social, economic and political challenges. We therefore set out in search of productions that deal with uncertainty in terms of content, form or working methods. Over 200 applications were submitted, which enabled us as the curatorial team to put together a diverse festival program of productions that we see as possible responses, reactions or attitudes towards uncertainty.

    In the ten selected productions, we experience uncertainty in a first encounter, in emerging and breaking relationships, in worries about the future, in the finiteness of life. Sometimes it is about plugging a dripping leak in the ceiling, sometimes about not getting lost between truth and lies. Some ask how we can hold, support and carry each other. Others simply ask: what do YOU need?

  • Third digital workshop: CREATE

    The 3rd Digital workshop provided mainly 3 gorgeous opportunities:

    1. to reconnect the young as well as adult participants who have already met at Camp Involve
    2. to make the first connection with new young participants from Norway and Germany
    3. to create.

    In the workshop hosted by Drak Theatre (CZ) everybody had a chance to be inspired by different means and to create spontaneously. We tried automatic writing based on musical inspiration, the Dadaist method of writing poems, reinterpreted classic works of art in the form of comics or created a synopsis of a fictional film. Hopefully, it was the first successful step to find our 3place in artistic creation.

  • Live stream

    If you’re not in Oslo during Showbox, you can still listen to the talk at Showbox Performing Arts Festival for a Young Audience with the partners.

    We have invited artists and institutions with different approaches to performing arts, the young audience and urban development.

    • What can theatres offer young people, and what does this interaction do to their identity as art producers?
    • What is the right balance between making a place to hang out, and a place for programmed activities and art production? Or, what is a good balance between audience development and art development?
    • What kind of methods do artists use to involve young people who don’t see performing arts as a place for them?
    • What role can performing arts play in young people’s lives; do we offer experiences, participation, social community, entertainment or education?


    Speaker: Ine Therese Berg (NTNU)
    Junges Ensemble Stuttgart
    Divadlo DRAK
    Vega scene / Vega ung by Katinka Rydin
    Kloden theatre by Ådne Sekkelsten
    Østfold Internasjonale teater by Thomas Østgaard
    Landing by Venke Sortland
    Panta Rei Danseteater by Anne Ekenes