3Place physical: How to create or transform a physical space in which the young audience feels at home and included?

To develop 3Place – involve – artistic – physical, each partner has chosen the topic based on their strengths, resources and needs for development. Each topic has a year-long focus with a camp, a festival visit, digital workshops and ongoing field work in each organisation and their community.

Scenekunstbruket will focus on 3Place Physical

Scenekunstbruket – The Norwegian Network for Performing Arts (NSKB), is a competence centre for distribution and dissemination of theatre for young audiences and the largest nationwide provider of performing arts for a young audience in Norway. They do not produce themselves but select a repertoire with a wide artistic range and based on existing productions by the independent performing arts field. Every year they organise the festival Showbox; a performing arts festival focusing on the young audience, and with an academic program for professionals. Their goal is to increase the competence, knowledge and development of performance arts for young people by arranging network meetings, seminars, dialogue-based events, festivals and other happenings, both on web and in real life. NSKB has developed several programs and tools for the young, helping to discuss and reflect upon performing art. NSKB hosts several networks of artists and professionals.

In 2016 they took the initiative to start Kloden teater, Oslo’s first theatre house for the young audience. Kloden teater is an affiliated partner, currently building an audience with their black box pilot in a developing area of Oslo, and future home of their coming theatre house.

In their previous EU-project TEEN, NSKB managed to engage many young people with little experience from the performing arts and with diverse backgrounds. In EU-projects PUSH+ they developed knowledge on challenges and possibilities of belonging through HOME, access for participation in FAILURE and diversity in DIFFERENT BODIES. This provides for guides in reaching the targets in 3Place.

NSKB will focus on the 3Place; Physical (Architectural) and involve, collaborating with Kloden theatre, and Kuben vocational school. They are both next door, and important both in developing a totally new space for performing arts, experimenting with spaces not made for performing arts, and collaborating with a group of teenagers with little experience with performing arts. NSKB has extended experience from involvement through the EU-project TEEN, where teenagers were co-curating performances for their schools. The toolkit developed from this is still being used and shared in NSKBs network throughout Norway and abroad. Now they will share the experience of developing and distributing methods, with the new partners while developing new toolkits, for involvement in placemaking and urban planning.

  • Live stream

    Live stream

    If you’re not in Oslo this coming Wednesday, you can still listen to the talk at Showbox Performing Arts Festival for a Young Audience with the partners.

  • We got a podcast!

    We got a podcast!

    Did you know we have a podcast? We do!

  • 3Place goes west coast

    3Place goes west coast

    This week the theatre festival in Fjaler, Norway will get a visit from 3Place.