We got a podcast!

Did you know we have a podcast? We do! In this first episode Mikkel Huth and Ali Shalhab interview Thomas about the area surrounding their high school, third spaces, youth clubs and how to make Økern in Oslo a nice place to be.

This episode is the first in a series exploring third places for a young audience. This episode is in Norwegian, but you can also watch the Vlog-version on YouTube, where English subtitles is coming! Coming episodes will be in all our partners languages; Norwegian, German, Czech and also English.

Podkast and idea by: Mikkel Huth, Ali Halhab, Iulian Simbotin
Hosts: Mikkel Huth and Ali Shalhab
Guest: Thomas
Producer: Iulian Simbotin
Mentor: Kevin Fiabema
Thanks to: Kuben Videregående skole for cooperation and studio facilities.

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