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  • We got a podcast!

    We got a podcast!

    Did you know we have a podcast? We do!

  • 3Place goes west coast

    3Place goes west coast

    This week the theatre festival in Fjaler, Norway will get a visit from 3Place.

  • Julian Karenga: – Theater has made me freer

    Julian Karenga: – Theater has made me freer

    When Matilde Landlie (15) from Bergen had an internship at Kloden theater this spring, she interviewed director and playwright Julian Karenga (28). t the moment he is at Kloden teater with the performance “Veien sitt ansikt”. Read about how Karenga deals with writing blocks, what motivates him and what tips he has for young people…

  • Camp Involve: what is your 3rd place?

    Camp Involve: what is your 3rd place?

    Last day of Camp involve at Junges Ensemble Stuttgart. After 4 days of workshops Mikkel Huth talks to the other participants from Junges Ensemble Stuttgart in Germany and Divadlo Drak in Czechia.

  • Internship in 3Place

    Internship in 3Place

    Before Easter three students from Kuben vocational School spent a three week internship working with 3Place at Scenekunstbruket and Kloden teater in Norway. They study information technology and media production at Kuben videregående skole and during their stay they’ve investigated the topics of third spaces: What makes you feel safe, where do you choose to…

  • Exploring Social Spaces

    Exploring Social Spaces

    At Showbox 2022, lead partner Scenekunstbrtuket’s festival, we had the first activity to launch the 3Place-project, a workshop with theatre professionals, teens and others interested in the subject.