3Place goes west coast

This week the theatre festival in Fjaler, Norway will get a visit from 3Place.

Dale is a small place on the west coast of Norway, and the home of a very cool theatre festival every September. For a small week the tiny village is filled with performing arts, in schools, in the woods, in the streets, in the cemetery, in homes, in abandoned buildings, on the dock and in the former grocery store.

This old building is the new cultural hub in Dale called Samvirket, a place for hanging, performances, concerts and art. During the festival 3Place will occupy the foyer of Samvirket, and inspired by the workshops we did in Stuttgart in May, the teens will choose their avatar, and transform and build their dream of Samvirket, what they miss in Dale, their favorite spots, how they like to spend their time, and what’s important for them to feel at home. Follow along at our instagram and Facebook: @3Place.eu.



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