3Place – The performing arts, the city and the young audience

During the festival visit at Scenekunstbrukets festival in Oslo; Showbox performing arts festival for a Young Audience, we have invited to an open talk around the topics of third space in the arts.

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The talk will be in English.

We have invited artists and institutions with different approaches to performing arts, the young audience and urban development.

  • What can theatres offer young people, and what does this interaction do to their identity as art producers?
  • What is the right balance between making a place to hang out, and a place for programmed activities and art production? Or, what is a good balance between audience development and art development?
  • What kind of methods do artists use to involve young people who don’t see performing arts as a place for them?
  • What role can performing arts play in young people’s lives; do we offer experiences, participation, social community, entertainment or education?


Speaker: Ine Therese Berg

Junges Ensemble Stuttgart
Divadlo DRAK
Vega scene / Vega ung by Katinka Rydin 
Kloden theatre by Ådne Sekkelsten
Østfold Internasjonale teater by Thomas Østgaard
Landing by Venke Sortland
Panta Rei Danseteater by Anne Ekenes

Ine Therese Berg:

Ine Therese Berg is an Associate professor in drama and theatre, with an academic focus in theater and performance studies. She has particular expertise in recent performing arts practices and the development of Norwegian theater and dance after the Second World War. Her research looks at various points of intersection between performing arts and society, and Berg is particularly concerned with connecting theatre-historical, cultural-sociological, dramaturgical and aesthetic discourses around theatre. Her doctoral dissertation Negotiating the Participatory Turn: Audience Participation in Contemporary Theater and Performance (2020) looks, for example, at how a value-laden concept such as participation can both legitimize different artistic practices, while at the same time the critical discourse on the autonomy of art causes the same practices to be questioned from concepts of artistic quality and instrumentalization of art. 

About 3Place:

In 2023, Scenekunstbruket started the project 3Place – Performing arts as the Third Place for the young audience. This is a three-year collaboration with Junges Ensemble Stuttgart in Germany and Drak Teatre in the Czech Republic, as well as Kloden theatre. The project is based on the sociological theories of third places, which are both physical places outside the home (first place) and school (second place), but which are also different social and imaginary spaces. Third places are often defined as a safe place where individuals gather for a common purpose, a place where participants can develop a sense of belonging. This forms the framework for the project, which will examine methods for developing theater houses, performing arts and art experiences to become a place where young people choose to be, especially young people who today do not see 

The project is supported by Creative Europe.

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