Live stream

If you’re not in Oslo during Showbox, you can still listen to the talk at Showbox Performing Arts Festival for a Young Audience with the partners.

We have invited artists and institutions with different approaches to performing arts, the young audience and urban development.

  • What can theatres offer young people, and what does this interaction do to their identity as art producers?
  • What is the right balance between making a place to hang out, and a place for programmed activities and art production? Or, what is a good balance between audience development and art development?
  • What kind of methods do artists use to involve young people who don’t see performing arts as a place for them?
  • What role can performing arts play in young people’s lives; do we offer experiences, participation, social community, entertainment or education?


Speaker: Ine Therese Berg (NTNU)
Junges Ensemble Stuttgart
Divadlo DRAK
Vega scene / Vega ung by Katinka Rydin
Kloden theatre by Ådne Sekkelsten
Østfold Internasjonale teater by Thomas Østgaard
Landing by Venke Sortland
Panta Rei Danseteater by Anne Ekenes