• Festival visit Showbox

    Each year the experience of the project will be presented at a festival hosted by one of the partners. Local participants, both professionals and young will take part in sharing their experience together with representatives from the other partners. During this dissemination aimed at a broader audience, the project will receive feedback, impulses and possible expansion of the project.

    The festival visit is also important for the partners. Meeting in person is important to reinforce the collaboration, learning to know each other and the context of each partner. The visiting partners should not only be guests and observers but partake in activities.

    The partners all have their own festival reaching both a local and an international audience. This is a good place to reach others in the field of performing arts outside our own organisations.

    Main achievements

    The main achievement is to disseminate the project in the context of a festival, to share the project to professionals and audience connected to the festival, that don’t know of the project before. We will get feedback and shared experiences that will push the project forward for the next year.

    We connect the partner organisations with the Norwegian art field, and to the other international delegates. We work closely with Performing Arts Hub Norway to get apply for support from the Norwegian Embassies all over the world to get international delegates to the festival. This means we will meet visitors with other cultural backgrounds that will share their responses to the project, and also share knowledge of the project in their countries.

    The academic event: 3Place – the performing arts, the city and the young audience also have introced the project to a researcher for further development. Ine Therese Berg (dr. philol) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, is speaker at our 3Place event and will further research on this through the university, for Drama and theatre at the Department of Art and Media Studies.

    The last day we will invite the delegates to our “home” – the office we share with Kloden and that one day will be the large theatre house. We will introduce the urban development of the area, insight in the process for the next years, and how this project connects with Klodens’ and Oslos’ strategies and goals.

    For full festival program, check www.showbox.no.

  • 3Place – The performing arts, the city and the young audience

    During the festival visit at Scenekunstbrukets festival in Oslo; Showbox performing arts festival for a Young Audience, we have invited to an open talk around the topics of third space in the arts.

    We serve coffee and tea, as well as free lunch. NB: If you want lunch, send an email to gabrielle@scenekunstbruket.no

    Register here (scroll to bottom)

    The talk will be in English.

    We have invited artists and institutions with different approaches to performing arts, the young audience and urban development.

    • What can theatres offer young people, and what does this interaction do to their identity as art producers?
    • What is the right balance between making a place to hang out, and a place for programmed activities and art production? Or, what is a good balance between audience development and art development?
    • What kind of methods do artists use to involve young people who don’t see performing arts as a place for them?
    • What role can performing arts play in young people’s lives; do we offer experiences, participation, social community, entertainment or education?


    Speaker: Ine Therese Berg

    Junges Ensemble Stuttgart
    Divadlo DRAK
    Vega scene / Vega ung by Katinka Rydin 
    Kloden theatre by Ådne Sekkelsten
    Østfold Internasjonale teater by Thomas Østgaard
    Landing by Venke Sortland
    Panta Rei Danseteater by Anne Ekenes

    Ine Therese Berg:

    Ine Therese Berg is an Associate professor in drama and theatre, with an academic focus in theater and performance studies. She has particular expertise in recent performing arts practices and the development of Norwegian theater and dance after the Second World War. Her research looks at various points of intersection between performing arts and society, and Berg is particularly concerned with connecting theatre-historical, cultural-sociological, dramaturgical and aesthetic discourses around theatre. Her doctoral dissertation Negotiating the Participatory Turn: Audience Participation in Contemporary Theater and Performance (2020) looks, for example, at how a value-laden concept such as participation can both legitimize different artistic practices, while at the same time the critical discourse on the autonomy of art causes the same practices to be questioned from concepts of artistic quality and instrumentalization of art. 

    About 3Place:

    In 2023, Scenekunstbruket started the project 3Place – Performing arts as the Third Place for the young audience. This is a three-year collaboration with Junges Ensemble Stuttgart in Germany and Drak Teatre in the Czech Republic, as well as Kloden theatre. The project is based on the sociological theories of third places, which are both physical places outside the home (first place) and school (second place), but which are also different social and imaginary spaces. Third places are often defined as a safe place where individuals gather for a common purpose, a place where participants can develop a sense of belonging. This forms the framework for the project, which will examine methods for developing theater houses, performing arts and art experiences to become a place where young people choose to be, especially young people who today do not see 

    The project is supported by Creative Europe.

    Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.

  • Meet DRAK

    Drak theatre is a Hradec Králové theatre based not only on the traditions of (East) Bohemian puppetry, but also on the principle of devised productions building on imagination and unique originality, aimed at children as well as adults. Throughout their history, Drak has been pioneering new methods and creative approaches, which has brought them several awards, both national and international.

    The team consists of excecutive Director Tomáš Jarkovský, Head of Marketing and Production Barbora Kalinová and Bára Pokorná, Anička Pohořálková, Jana Netchvátalová and Martina Štětinová.

    Here’s what a couple of them thinks of their third places.

    Tomáš Jarkovský

    What do you think about project 3rd place?

    So far I like it very much and also I am curious because we are still at the beginning. Yet we had experienced one digital workshop and now we are experimenting our first encounter in personal here in Stuttgart, which is great opportunity to meet each other ant to get to know how our friends from JES theatre work. I am glad I had opportunity to see some shows here and see how JES and people who made it involving young people in life around the theatre. I am curious what next meetings and program bring us.

    What is your 3rd Place? 

    My third place is our theatre, which is a bit funny because it is my work place but I also spend there a lot of free time so it feels like a home. So if the third place is space between duty and home, Drak Theatre is definitely my third place.

    What is missing in your local environment?

    I think that our city lacks a really cool music club.

    Barbora Kamenická Pokorná

    What is your 3rd Place? 

    Third place for me takes many forms. It can be a physical space as well as mental field. In the most general terms, it can be said it is place in my head. More specifically, for me it is any space where I can be and share with people I like and feel comfortable with. Equally, however, it is also a place that stimulates me intellectually, or in its boundaries I enter into a dialogue with myself (for example, the theatre or an art gallery). And last but not least, it’s also a place where I completely switch off and keep my constantly spinning thoughts to a minimum. Which are definitely the sea and the moment when I run.

    Can you describe it and the feelings you have when you are there?

    The word freedom probably describes it best. I mention it with the awareness and despite how the overuse of this word in the media and in social space in general, which I have perceived recently, can lead to an emptying of its content.

    What is missing in your local environment?

    Hradec Kralove is a very beautiful, but also kind of quiet city. Sometimes I miss the signs of life in the streets, the hustle and bustle of a big city, the diversity and a certain subversiveness. I wish our town a new space that supports the creation of not only music-dramatic, performative and artistic projects, but also those that test the limits of genre and cross over into other forms of (not only) artistic communication. A place where many influences come together, where you can go for a classical music concert as well as a rave. 

    Anička Pohořálková

    What is your 3rd Place? 

    My third place is this room [Anička was at the time of the interview in the JES theatre in Stutgartt, where the first of the off-line workshops took place] and all people in it. I think that third place is everywhere where we are.

    What is missing in your local environment?

    I don’t miss anything. 

    Jana Neduha

    What do you think about project 3rd place? 

    The 3rd place project provides a chance for mutual inspiration between theatre professionals and students not only from different countries, but also from different backgrounds. The form of the project breaks the traditional boundaries between adults and adolescents. Young people are actively involved in the creative process and through experience they learn about the world, about other people and especially about themselves, and the same goes for us adults. As a theatre lecturer, the project inspires and motivates me, opens the door to new knowledge about the needs, aspirations and perspectives of adolescents, and introduces me to the topics that matter and are topical to adolescents.  

    What is your 3rd Place?  

    My 3rd place is safe, I feel accepted there, and perhaps that is why I like going back there. It’s fun there, but I can also learn something new. I like to meet new people there with a similar mindset about the world.

    What is missing in your local environment? 

    The environment in which we live lacks a public place that we as visitors can co-create and participate in. Perhaps it is a kind of public form of a community space, where it is pleasant and at the same time a wide range of programmes that inspire visitors take place there.